Reciprocating (or piston) air compressors are among the most widely used types of air compressors.

The range of MPC piston compressors adapts to the air requirements regardless of your needs, relying on reliable technology equipment, tested by the extensive experience in the use of air heads.

At MPC we offer a wide variety of piston compressors, including oil-free and oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors.

Piston compressors have a long service life and are characterized by their quality and resistance.


Coaxial compressors are so called because the transmission from the motor shaft goes directly to the connecting rod without the use of belts.

The portable coaxial compressor is ideal for home and semi-professional work. The coaxial compressor is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Because they are light and compact, they are easy to transport.

1.100.046 FICHA SNB-9065G

Belt-driven compressors are the most suitable for more intensive professional or industrial use.
These compressors provide higher flow and pressure, as well as outstanding durability and efficiency.
The most convenient option for professionals with a medium level of use in single-stage equipment and intensive use in industrial applications in double-stage equipment.


Quiet piston compressors adapted to different needs in different sectors combining the functionality of a piston compressor with noise reduction.

You will be able to work taking full advantage of the power (HP) of the compressors while respecting the maximum permissible noise levels, thus making these soundproof compressors ideal for installation near the workplace and in urban core workshops.