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At MPC we offer a wide variety of piston compressors characterized by their quality and resistance. Si busca comprar compresores de pistón, la gama de compresores MPC es la mejor solución ya que apuesta por equipos de tecnología fiable, testada por la dilatada experiencia en el uso de cabezales de aire.

What is a piston compressor?

Piston compressors are very common among industrial compressors and are used in different sectors. Tienen una gran vida útil y podemos encontrar diferentes variantes como pistones con acción simple o doble, lubricados con aceite o sin y con distintos números de cilindros.

How does a piston compressor work?

A piston compressor is a gas compressor that follows the principle of compression by displacement: air enters a cylinder by the action of a piston driven by a crankshaft and a connecting rod to obtain gases at high pressure.

What are the different types of compressors?

There are different types of industrial air compressors that can be classified according to various characteristics such as the number of cylinders, the shape of the piston, the number of stages used in the compression, the arrangement of the pistons...

At MPC we offer a wide variety of piston compressors:

  • COAXIAL COMPRESSORS: perfect for home and semi-professional work.
  • BELT COMPRESSORS: suitable for professional use with a medium level of use in single-stage equipment and intensive use in industrial applications in double-stage equipment.
  • COMPRESORES INSONORIZADOS: máxima eficacia con reducción del nivel sonoro.

Piston compressor applications

Piston compressors are used in different sectors. One of the most common applications is when spray painting, but it is also used in locksmith work, body shops, tire stores, mechanics, construction... The piston compressor is used in small applications and also for industrial applications being very versatile in different industries.

What is a silent compressor?

The silent air compressors are adapted to the different needs in different sectors, combining the functionality of a piston compressor, with reduced noise level.

You will be able to work taking full advantage of the power (HP) of the compressors while respecting the maximum permissible noise levels, thus making these silent compressors ideal for installation near the workplace and in urban core workshops. We have models that do not require oil for their operation, are easy to transport and of course, very quiet. They allow to work optimally at any time, they are perfect compressors for working in clinics, laboratories, veterinarians, workshops, dentists, shops...

Professional quiet air compressor

At AIR COMPRESSOR MPC you can buy quiet compressors such as the CLINIC 250, CLINIC 109 and CLINIC 3100 models. A good choice of compressors that do not need oil for its operation, which allows us to transport it in any position without any problem.

Another advantage is that it is a compressor that requires almost no maintenance, allowing us to work optimally at any time.

Compressors perfect for home repair, tire inflation, floor heating cleaning, sheet metal painting, steel air gun, medical dentistry, etc.