Terms and Conditions



Orders should be placed by sending an e-mail to our address: info@aircompressormpc.com. The prices that may appear on the website are retail prices and do not include VAT. MPC/EUROMAQUINAS reserves the right to modify or update these prices at any time without prior notice. The shipment of the goods will be made from our warehouses and all freight charges will be borne by the buyer. The shipment of the goods will be made according to the deadlines established by MPC/EUROMAQUINAS, not being responsible for any delay that may arise in the transport of the goods due to external causes not controllable or predictable. The buyer shall be responsible for duly inspecting and checking the goods at the time of receipt, and shall report within a period of less than 24 hours after receipt of the goods, any incident detected in the packaging or seal to the carrier. In case of failure to make such claim within such period, MPC/EUROMAQUINAS shall not be liable for claims made for breakage in transit. In case of non-payment by the buyer, MPC/EUROMAQUINAS reserves the right to interrupt the supply of the goods until payment of the existing debts is guaranteed.


Before returning any item, the buyer must duly inform MPC/EUROMAQUINAS indicating, if applicable, the reason for the return and the delivery note number of the returned goods. In the event that the return of the items is due to a technical failure or breakdown, the type of failure detected must be indicated and its acceptance will be conditioned to the conformity of our quality department, which will examine the appropriateness or not of the return in each case. The postage of the returns will always be paid by the buyer, MPC/EUROMAQUINAS does not accept any return of merchandise with postage due. After the return, we will proceed to credit the amount charged to the customer discounting the initial shipping costs, revision, repackaging and transport costs to our warehouse, discounting 30% of the value of the product.


An after-sales service is guaranteed for all MPC/EUROMAQUINAS brand compressors. All repairs carried out in our facilities are guaranteed for 1 month from the date of repair. MPC/EUROMAQUINAS offers a warranty of 12 months on its compressors and 6 months on pneumatic tools from the date of sale, being valid only on those machines that present a manufacturing defect and provided that they have been used diligently in the activities for which the machines have been designed. The warranty does not cover damage due to improper installation or incorrect maintenance of the equipment. Likewise, any modification made to the machinery that does not have the prior authorization of MPC/EUROMAQUINAS will be cancelled. Electric motors are not included in the warranty. Warranty repairs performed outside of MPC/EUROMAQUINAS facilities must be expressly authorized in advance. The existence of non-payment will result in the cancellation of the guarantee of the purchased goods until the collection of the unpaid amount as well as all the expenses originated by such situation of non-payment.


In the event of any controversy that may exist between MPC/EUROMAQUINAS and the buyer, the competent courts shall be those of Zaragoza and the applicable law shall be Spanish law. The disposition of the goods does not imply the ownership of the same, but the customer acts as depositary of the same until its total payment, being subject to the provisions of article 1.766 of the Spanish Civil Code. The processing or management of the order by the customer implies acceptance of all the above conditions.