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Flat nozzle gun with a wide and powerful stroke, but with a low sound level. Useful in those applications where you need to blow a large amount of chips, debris or dry large surfaces quickly. The nozzle construction makes it very rugged and the scratch resistant plastic material makes it suitable for the most sensitive applications.

Air flow control

Tucano adopts a special valve that allows a progressive lever control that reduces noise level and air consumption. In the progressive mode, the operator can adjust the flow rate with great precision, which is useful in most jobs. Instead, fully depressing the lever will use the full blowing force.

Ergonomic handle

The gun is equipped with a Soft-Touch handle made of soft, ergonomic rubber. This material does not tire the hand when using the gun.

Technical data:

Blowing force (with an inlet of 6 bar – 90 psi) 2,5 N
Air consumption (with 6 bar – 90 psi inlet) 275 l/m
Sound level (with 6bar – 90psi input) 80 dB(A)
Connection 1/4″ BSP
Weight 136 g
Working temperature -10°/70°
max. Pressure 16 Bar
Nozzle length 56 mm

Additional information

Weight 126 kg
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 7 cm

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