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Diesel motor compressor belonging to our EOLO series.

EOLO motor-compressors offer great performance for equipping utility or commercial vehicles with space and weight limitations, but requiring high air flow rates.

Honda GX630 + M1600 engine:

  • 50 l.
    Air compressor with internal combustion engine HONDA 630 (GX Series), forced air cooled, mounted on a high resistance base to absorb vibrations and minimize weight, with reinforced tank structure, 50 Lts/ 15 Bar pendulum tank system, thus achieving the minimum effect of vibrations on the air tank, sides of the machine studied to facilitate the mooring for transport. Includes automatic acceleration system depending on tank pressure, 1/2″ filtering and lubrication equipment, 1/2 “F direct air outlet, 1/2 “F filtered air outlet, 1/2 “H lubricated air outlet.
  • 300/500 liters.
    Compressor engine with HONDA 630 thermal engine (GX Series), cooled by forced air, mounted on a double Duraluminium base of high resistance to absorb vibrations, on a tank of 270-500 Lts/ 14 Bar, thus achieving the minimum affectation to the vibrations in the air tank. It incorporates an automatic acceleration system based on tank pressure.


Code Name Liters Vacuumed air Power P. Max Start
1.101.220 EOLO 200 50 1.850 18 HP 14 Electrical

Additional information

Weight 245 kg
Dimensions 1.200 × 500 × 1.100 cm

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