Two-stage two-cylinder gasoline compressor of the STRADE series, with 100-liter tank.

Our STRADE series compressors are specially designed to perform most construction, road maintenance and agricultural work.
construction, road maintenance and agricultural work.

If you are a farmer who needs a handy compressor that can handle complex jobs, our STRADE compressors are perfect for you.

A revolution in the field of compressed air, suction up to 900 Lts/min and maximum pressure 11 Bar.

Equipped with cast iron cylinder head and driven by Honda engine, providing high flow, ensuring low noise levels and longer service life.

STRADE compressors are also easily transportable as they include wheels and carrying handles.

The STRADE 90-100GP compressor is a two-stage two-cylinder cast iron compressor, driven by a HONDA engine. With automatic valve.

* Horizontal tank of 100 liters integrated in the equipment.


Code Name Group Engine Startup Vacuumed air Power Weight P.max Length-width
-height (cm)
1.132.145 STRADE 90/100 M600 Gx – 270 Manual 900 l/min 9 103 11 97 x 42 x 99



Additional information

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 97 × 42 × 99 cm

Datasheet STRADE 90/100


Datasheet STRADE 90/100

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