Coaxial compressor with 25 liter tank.

The CD 226 compressor is the perfect working tool for small DIY jobs or sporadic jobs that require a high suction flow.

Its light weight and ergonomic design make it easily transportable and manageable.

It includes a head with a cast iron cylinder and a pressure regulator with double pressure gauge.

1/2″ suction filter (high suction flow)
→ Output regulator and pressure gauge.
→ Easy maintenance.

Code Name Vacuumed air Power Weight P.max. Noise level
1.100.162 CD 226 205 l/min 2HP/1.5Kw 24 Kg 8 97 dB

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 560 × 270 × 560 cm

Data sheet CD 226

Data sheet CD 226

Parts lists CD 226

Parts lists CD 226

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