Clinic 109 Silent compressor.

Compressor for do-it-yourself or home jobs, super quiet.

Ultra-quiet oil-free compressor
The ultra-quiet oil-free compressor, specially designed to emit a low decibel rating, offers a low noise level of 58 dB for a quiet operating configuration, making it ideal for applications requiring oil-free air.

The oil pump requires no daily maintenance and eliminates the risk of oil stains on work surfaces.

Head with double piston motor at low revolutions. High performance and reliability. Robust plastic housing that completely protects the head. With sliding wheels, the compressor is easy to transport.

Code Name Voltage Power Weight P.max
1.100.109 CLINIC 109 230/50/II 1 HP 14 Kg 8

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 470 × 510 × 200 cm

Datasheet Clinic 109

Datasheet Clinic 109

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