Regular maintenance of a motor compressor is important to ensure its efficient operation and prolong its service life.

Here are some basic steps you can follow to perform maintenance:

(Before starting, make sure the engine is turned off).

1. M 700 headstock oil change:

The compressor oil should be changed regularly. Follow the instructions to drain and replace the oil:

  • With a 10 mm Allen wrench, we are going to remove the oil little by little. Place a drain pan under the cap to collect the used oil.

  • Once it has been emptied, we replace the screw.

  • Using a funnel, put the filler cap, slowly pour the new oil into the compressor (lubricating oil code 2.300.132) fill above the central point that we show in the image.

2. Cleaning or replacement of the head suction filter:

Inspect and clean or replace the suction filter as necessary.

3. Cleaning or replacement of the GX390 air filter.

A dirty air filter can reduce compressor performance and affect compressor life.

4. Oil replacement on a Honda GX 390 compressor engine.

  • With a 6 mm allen key we remove the drain plug, we place the 1/4” instant with the tube and we proceed to drain the oil.

  • Place a container under the drain plug to catch the used oil.

  • Once all the oil has been drained, replace the drain plug and tighten it securely.

  • Fill with oil (cod. 2.300.269) up to the rim.

  • Clean up any oil spills and make sure there are no leaks before starting the compressor.

5. General inspection

Perform periodic inspections of the compressor for any signs of wear, leaks or problems. Pay attention to connections, hoses and mechanical components.


Explanatory video of the maintenance of a motor compressor:

Remember that it is important to follow the manufacturer's specific recommendations for servicing your compressor, as procedures may vary by model and brand. If you have specific questions or problems, it is always advisable to consult a professional or the manufacturer's authorized service center.

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