Line valves, mini taps and micro taps


We present a selection of valves and elements to control the passage of both hot and cold air and water, as well as other fluids. A collection of valves, micro taps and mini taps. If what you are looking for are easy-to-use devices to control and let the flow of water or air pass, in our store you have high-quality models.

Some models of accessories that you can find in #MPC are:

Line valves: Valves made of nickel-plated brass CW617N according to UNE 12165. Certification of sanitary conformity A.C.S. Nº 19 ACC LY 684. Quick closing valves. suitable for air, cold and hot water. Water connections, plumbing installations, domestic hot water (DHW) distribution systems, water pipes for irrigation.

Mini taps: Nickel-plated brass mini taps according to UNE-EN 12165 Quick closing valve, all or nothing, 1/4 turn. Suitable for air, cold and hot water systems.
Micro-tap: Micro-tap for pneumatic, hydraulic and oleodynamic circuits. Temperature: O-Ring NBR: Min. -20 ° C / Max. + 80 ° C. Connecting pipes made of copper, aluminum, steel plastic pipes (PA, PU, ​​PE, etc.). GAS Conical ISO 7 (BSPT) - BS 21 - DIN 2999. GAS Cylindrical ISO 228 (BSPP).

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