Before purchasing a nailer, it is important to consider the use and applications to be carried out: what the project will be, what nails are needed and if they are compatible with the nailer. If you are looking for a nailer that provides a discreet finish where the nail is not visible, MPC's CL-526 PIN nailer is an ideal choice for you.


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The CL-526 MPC PIN nailer is widely used in applications where an exceptional finish is required, so that the nail is not visible. It is used, for example, in skeletonization, doors, packaging, joinery...

PIN CL-526 MPC PINner Features

These are some of the most relevant features and technical data of the MPC PIN CL-526 nailer:

  • Machine body made of cast aluminum, with metal magazine and hardened steel needle.
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber coating. Reduces vibrations, ensures perfect contact and insulates the machine body temperature.
  • Trigger with safety system
  • Nails MPC1-1.2 (20-25-30-35-40-45-45-50)
  • Front air outlet through the cylinder head


  • 200.030-B (10mm)
  • 200.031-B (12mm)
  • 200.032-B (15mm)
  • 200.033-B (18mm)
  • 200.034-B (20mm)
  • 3.200.035-B (25mm)

How to use a pin nailer?

Inside the product box you will find: protective goggles, instruction manual, CL-526 nailer, lubricating oil and allen wrenches.

The CL-526 pin nailer consists of several parts: on the upper left side we find the air outlet. It has an ergonomic handle and trigger with safety system. In the lower part it has a lid for unclogging and a cartridge for nails.


The first thing is safety, so the first step is to put on the safety goggles included to avoid possible risks caused by the residue generated when using the nailer. The next step is to press to select the height of the nail. MPC nails 1-1.2(20-25-30-35-40-45-50) and place the nails as indicated by the arrows.

Before each use, it is recommended to add a drop of lubricating oil. Next, we connect the safety quick release plug and make sure it is securely anchored, unlocking the safety trigger at the time of use. It's time to proceed to press the machine onto the working surface!

How to repair a pin nailer?

If your nailer has stopped working, it could be due to a build-up of dirt inside or a lack of maintenance, but here is the solution. It consists of disassembly, removal of the jammed pin and subsequent maintenance.

The first step is to check that no pin comes out, we remove both pin and air intake and proceed to disassemble the nailer, for this we will use the allen key of 3 mm. If the needle is stuck by the pin, remove the upper cover with the help of the 4 mm Allen key, loosen it without removing it and carefully push it upwards to extract it. Locate the stuck pin and remove it. Clean and lubricate the area, reinsert and proceed to assembly. We lubricate each time we use it and check that it works.

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